„It does not matter which
traits a person is endowed with,
but what he makes of them.“

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Alfred Adler Center International

In 2011, the International Association for Individual Psychology was officially registered an International Association in Vienna. It was a historical achievment: Hundred years after the birth of Individual Psychology, Adler's efforts to found an official and recognized Association have become real. The Association is based at Alfred Adler Center International in Vienna (Hernalser Hauptstraße 15, 1170 Vienna), which was established in 2013. 

It hosts the International Association for Individual Psychology (IAIP) and the Austrian Association for Individual Psychology (OEVIP). 

It houses

  • an exhibition space for presenting worldwide activities of the International Association for Individual Psychology (at the moment there is an art exhibition "Disruption and Continuity of Individual Psychology in Vienna - The Time Between 1930 and 1960") as well as
  • an information center with a library

and serves as

  • a venue for education and research and
  • a meeting point in Vienna for individuals and groups.

Our services for tour groups

  • Lectures on Adler and Individual Psychology in Vienna
  • You can rent rooms at AACI for seminars and other events
  • The brochure "Alfred Adler's Vienna. A Commented Guide" is now available at the AACI (€ 7.-). With this brochure it is possible to walk on Adler's footsteps through Vienna.

Please contact us early enough, if we should organize lectures.

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