„It does not matter which
traits a person is endowed with,
but what he makes of them.“

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Welcome to the Austrian Association of Individual Psychology (OEVIP)

Founded by Alfred Adler in Vienna in 1912, Individual Psychology (IP) is one of the oldest schools of depth psychology. IP supposes that unconsious processes fundamentally influence human experiencing and behaviour. In this context, special focus is placed on the position of the individual in his/her social relationships as well as on his/her abilities to build and shape them. Thus, IP makes an important contribution to the understanding of intrapsychic and interpersonal processes in therapy work, counselling and education.

The Austrian Association of Individual Psychology is located at the Alfred Adler Center International.

Opening hours during summer

In July the Alfred Adler Center International is opend every Monday, 3pm-6pm, and every Thursday, 11am-2pm.
We have closed from July 23rd to August 8th and from August 23rd to August 27th.
Please make an appointment, if you want to visit us in August.

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