„It does not matter which
traits a person is endowed with,
but what he makes of them.“

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Welcome to the Austrian Association of Individual Psychology (OEVIP)

Founded by Alfred Adler in Vienna in 1912, Individual Psychology (IP) is one of the oldest schools of depth psychology. IP supposes that unconsious processes fundamentally influence human experiencing and behaviour. In this context, special focus is placed on the position of the individual in his/her social relationships as well as on his/her abilities to build and shape them. Thus, IP makes an important contribution to the understanding of intrapsychic and interpersonal processes in therapy work, counselling and education.

The Austrian Association of Individual Psychology is located at the Alfred Adler Center International.

Now available!
Alfred Adler's Vienna.
A Commented Guide

written by Barbara Neudecker

Learn about Alfred Adler's life in Vienna by walking through Vienna, reading our new commented and illustrated brochure.
We also prepared a map for you in order to find all the places mentioned in the guide.
The brochure is now available at the Alfred Adler Center International and costs € 7.-.

Anna Freud and 'The Conscience of Society'

It is now possible to watch the shortfilm by Elizabeth Ann Danto & Alexandra Steiner-Strauss at the Alfred Adler Center International.

Anna Freud’s pioneering work in education and early child development comes alive in words and visuals of her era. Based on a major exhibit held at the Freud Museum London in 2017, this innovative video production includes four newly-discovered photographs of Sigmund Freud.  

Elizabeth Ann Danto, Ph.D. is professor emeritus, Hunter College-City University of New York; writer and international lecturer on the history of psychoanalysis as a marker of urban culture; author of Historical Research (Oxford University Press 2009) and Freud’s Free Clinics – Psychoanalysis & Social Justice, 1918-1938 (Columbia University Press 2008) which received the Gradiva Award and the Goethe Prize.

Alexandra Steiner-Strauss,MMag. is a Viennese art and cultural historian, author of Trägt die Sprache schon Gesang in sich. Richard Strauss und die Oper (2014), and co-author of Gustav Klimt und Wien (2012) and Anna Freud in Wien (2016).


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